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The.Weekend.Seminar.Skills.for.the.21st.Century.Audiobook DDL Download
The.Weekend.Seminar.Skills.for.the.21st.Century.Audiobook DDL Download [description] The Weekend Seminar: Skills for the 21st Century [Audiobook] by Jim Rohn English | 1999 | ASIN: B000SZNEGO, B006KR6IWQ | MP3@96 kbps | 8 hrs 46 mins | 348 MB Narrator: Jim Rohn Recorded live in 1999, but still as relevant today as ever! Jim Rohn shares the ideas, strategies and proven principles that helped him over 40 years to achieve mega success in both business and in life. This complete 2 - day seminar includes 12 powerful CDs! CD 1 Introduction/View of the 21st Century - Unprecedented Opportunity - Advanced Civilization - The Use of Power - America, the Blending of all Ethnic Streams - Keen Competition - Sincerity - Truth CD 2 Ideas/Inspiration/Enlightened Self Interest - Mysteries of the Mind - Learn Refine and Pass It On - Response Into Results - Thanksgiving - Keys to Greatness - Service to Many - Searching - Life Rewards Its Benefactors CD 3 Personal Development/The Seasons - Value to the Marketplace - Attracting Success - Ant Philosophy - Four Steps to Success - Problem Solving CD 4 Imagination/Faith/Discipline/Formula for Success - How to Turn Nothing Into Something - Being a Genius - Handling the Passing of Time - Ambition Versus Greed - Three Questions to Solving Problems CD 5 Three Major Parts to Personal Development - Physical/Spiritual/Mental/ - Behavior in the Marketplace - Code of Conduct - Building Your Library CD 6 The Five Abilities/Lifestyle/Communication - Absorb - Respond - Reflect - Act - Lifestyle - Create Abundance - Words are God - like SEMINAR DAY TWO CD 7 Communication (continued) - Four Steps to Achieve Communication - Preparation - The Four Ifs - Style CD 8 Communication (cont'd.)/Presentation Versus Persuasion - Measure Emotion - Identification - Story Telling - Oratory - Straight Talk - Passionate Belief CD 9 Time Management - Balancing Your Life - Set Priorities - Major Versus Minor - Concentration - Ask Questions - Think on Paper - Three Treasures to Leave Behind CD 10 Setting Goals - Designing Your Life - Goals Workshop - Price Versus Promise - Why Become a Millionaire CD 11 Financial Independence - What is Financial Independence? - Modesty Versus Extravagance - Having the Right Plan - Financial Statements - A Child and a Dollar - Saving, Investing and Giving - It's the Plan that Counts - Resources are Greater than Money CD 12 Leadership - The Challenge of Leadership - Basic Laws of Leadership - Law of Averages - The Seed and the Sower - 80/20 Rule - Law of Faith - I'm Wealthy Because - Let Others Lead Small Lives - Your Gift Will Make Room for Itself Sach und Fachbuecher English

348 MB (4 Parts)
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13. January 2017

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